The Wednesday Rule

"It was Wednesday when the storm hit. Maybe that was to be expected -- The Beast showed up the Wednesday before Christmas, and New Year's was a Wednesday. (Maybe that's another reason the world can't end -- The Lord's waiting for another Wednesday. I dunno.)" - StoryShelter

In a nutshell:

All other things being equal, major TTU events occur on Wednesday.

There's no good reason for this particular day, beyond the whim of the universe. It's just how things happened. EventTheFirstSighting was on a Wednesday; EventTheFlyby was on a Wednesday; and Redwing disappeared to begin organizing EventTheMeeting on a Wednesday. That was enough of a coincidence for people to begin seeing a pattern ... and, of course, with TTU's reality as responsive to consciousness as it is, once people started believing in the effect, it became quite measurable.

This rule doesn't meddle with fate, or force events in any particular direction. It is, however, a groove scratched into reality's record, a place into which events fall if no great force is otherwise pushing them.

Within TTU

This is a phenomenon that has been widely noticed, occasionally remarked upon (usually as fodder for comedians), and largely written off as Just One Of Those Weird Things, Y'Know? But some within TTU find great significance in this odd timing. What it means is far less clear, but the theories are none the less vehement for that.

As some Christians believe that Jesus was crucified on a Wednesday (1), right-wing conspiracy theorists hold that this is further proof of satanic involvement in TheChanges. Others draw similar portents from more secular sources, e.g. "Wednesday's child is full of woe" (2). Astrologers, on the other hand, find much significance in Wednesday being the day of Mercury and/or the day easterners associated with the classical element of water (3), both elements of motion and change. Wednesday is also Wotan's, or Odin's day; Odin, like Mercury, is a psychopomp, or leader of souls, and is associated with poetic and musical inspiration. (2)

Calculating weekdays

TTU has the same dates and weekdays as our world. So to find the nearest Wednesday (or to find the weekday for something you're planning), use any of the many available algorithms. The "Doomsday algorithm" is useful if you want to calculate weekdays in your head; if you'd rather rely on technology, many online calculators are available; here's a straightforward one.

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