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=====Wiki FAQ=====

This page is here to make some sense of the documentation scattered around the wiki. For a complete list of help pages, see the WikkaDocumentation category. If you still can't find the information you need, ask a question at WikiRequests.

None of these pages has anything to do with the story setting. For information about TTU rules, see CategoryMeta.

===Basic information===

//What is a wiki and how do I contribute?:// WelcomeNewUser

//Where can I help out?:// WikiNews


//How do I edit a page?:// Click on the "Edit page" link at the bottom left. You need to [[UserSettings log in]] to edit pages, and for most pages you need to join the WikiEditors to have edit access.

//How do I format text I'm adding to a page?:// FormattingRules

//How do I create a new page?:// CreatingNewPages

//How can I add an image to a page?:// WikkaAddingImages

//Where can I safely experiment with editing?:// SandBox

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