Adding images

Wikka Code

To place images on a Wikka page you can use the {{image}} action.

{{image class="center" alt="DVD logo" title="An Image Link" url="images/dvdvideo.gif" link="RecentChanges"}}
DVD logo

It accepts the following (optional) parameters:
  • class - for image positioning (allowed values are: left, center, right)
  • alt - alternate text; shown in text-only browsers and when the image doesn't load
  • title - the title of the image; shown when you move the mouse over it
  • link - a page (either internal or external) the image links to; formatting is the same as for wiki links
It requires the following parameter: clip-art dragon
  • url - the location of the image

Making it look nice

"Inline" images should be at most 300 pixels wide (although they certainly can link to a full-sized version if resolution is poor at that size). Set the class to either "left" or "right" so that the text wraps around it.

An example of an inline image is the dragon at right. Inline images are there to add some visual zest to a page full of words.

Give the image a little whitespace at the edges so it doesn't run into the text.

"Breakout" images are for specific pages where an image is part of the template; such as Character pages. The template will include the breakout box; add the image code underneath the title.

clip-art dragon
Such as is found on a Character page.
They should also be no more than 300 pixels wide.

Use a class of "center" and add a label underneath.

Crediting Images

Inline images should be credited at the bottom of the page they're on. Breakout images should be credited in the label.

Uploading images

Images used on wiki pages should be uploaded to the server. To do so, mail the image to BaxilDragon at Unknown action ""email"" (or see here) and he'll put it in the wiki's images folder. Or if you've got a place to host it yourself, add it to the page using an external URL for the image, and Bax can download the file and fix the link at his convenience.

An automated way to add images would be nice for the future; see WikiToDo.

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